The Library at Elsinore is the title of an installation work by Tom Phillips which will be the centrepiece of an exhibition at Shandy Hall opening on 21st September 2008. Also included in the exhibition will be treated skulls, works on the theme of books and texts and six new pages from Tom Phillips’s treated book A Humument. To learn more about these works go to the Online Resources links on the right. On this page you will be able to watch the making of new version of Page 62 from A Humument from start to finish. You can also see interpretations of Page 62 by Year 12 and 13 students from four different schools and these will also feature in the exhibition. Access earlier postings from the list on the right. You can also sign up for regular updates of new postings by subscribing to the RSS feed at the foot of the page.

Monday, 1 December 2008

More Sudoku at Easingwold School

On Friday 28th November Patrick Wildgust and Lucy Shortis visited Easingwold School to meet a smaller group of Y12 and Y13 Art students. We looked at slides of the wire sculpture in the Elsinore Library exhibition and the recently completed memorial at Westminster Abbey (illustrated above) and the students worked on drawings of their own names using the same lettering strategy - so that the letters are conjoined and could exist as self supporting pieces of sculpture. We also looked at various examples of how Tom Phillips makes reference to his own works in A Humument (see the sudoku humument page above). Finally we looked at slides showing the variety of materials that Tom Phillips has used to make his sudoku works before each of the students selected nine icons to use in making their own versions.

Sudoku at Fulford School

On the 24th November. Patrick Wildgust, the Curator of Shandy Hall, and Lucy Shortis, who works with Tom Phillips, visited Fulford School to talk to Y12 and Y13 Art and English students and explain more about Tom Phillips's practice. We looked at some of the works in the Elsinore Library exhibition and photographs from the studio showing the ways in which these works were made. We focussed on Phillips sudoku paintings, especially those made from different leaf and soil colours, illustrated above. On the following day students bought in their own materials to make their own sudoku pieces. There was great diversity and imagination in what they chose to work with, fingerprints, playing cards, wallpaper, prints from coins, photographs as well as graphic elements. Everyone worked to the same completed sudoku puzzle so although the finished pieces looked very different the repeats in the pattern were the same. During the exercise we talked about artists who work to self-imposed rules and systems. The students had direct experience of how, beyond chosing the materials, the look of the finished work was dictated by the puzzle rather than by personal choice. Here are some photographs of the students at work.

Thursday, 16 October 2008

The Press

Here's a link to a local paper feature on the exhibition.

The missing pages...

With apologies for the delay, here are the missing student works which I believe are from Boroughbridge High but please correct me if I have this wrong, and please tell us your name if you haven't been credited. The page above is by C. Frater.

Guy Mitchell

Adam Ekin



Tuesday, 7 October 2008

Some Photographs from the Opening of The Elsinore Library Exhibition at Shandy Hall

Patrick Wildgust, Curator of Shandy Hall, with Chris Pearson.

Tom Phillips standing on the steps to the gallery.
Apologies to Guy Mitchell, Adam Ekin and two anonymous contributors whose works haven't appeared here yet - only because my scanner is playing up - I hope to be able to add theses pages in the next few days.

Friday, 26 September 2008

Boroughbridge High School

On Monday 22nd September Patrick Wildgust, Curator of Shandy Hall and Lucy Shortis who works as an assistant to Tom Phillips, went to Boroughbridge School to meet the Year 12 and 13 students involved in this project, and to talk to them about the exhibition. Lucy bought some slides of Tom Phillips studio to show the environment and the processes by which works in the exhibition had been made. Boroughbridge High School produced some more interesting pages, including Poppy Hanson's elegant work above. These are now on display in the exhibition alongside the work from other schools. A second group of pages from Boroughbridge High will be added here at the blog next week.

Michelle Towler

Jessica Holby


Joanne Abbot

Angela Walker

Jenny Harland